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About us

RRS Worldwide Courier established in 2007 , an experience more than at least 15 years has its wide range of network and main connections to companies in U.K, US/CAN, Dubai & Far East & to every corner of the world.
We with our very efficient team of Operations , Customer Services and Sales we are able to achieve the customers satisfaction providing door to door services very easily to extremely heavy parcels and important documents.
Detailed proof of delivery information can be provided within minutes of delivery by via email , faxes, direct calls and also by tracking.
RRS COURIER has very economical price of forwarding shipments through international service providers of DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD and more.
As an independent company we can still give the service levels and attention to detail that a larger company would find difficult but we do have the resources to deliver. I believe that business is gained from exchanging a good service for a fair price, not promising things or offering "give away" prices and then provide a sub-standard service
RRS Worldwide Courier formed by a group of successful entrepreneurs from diversifieds, set up with the aim of providing excellent international Courier Cargo and domestic services, exactly like the company name suggests,
RRS Worldwide Courier will make their exclusive brand in the courier company by giving door to door service with prior intimation to consigner & consignee and tracking online. The main motto of the company is customer satisfaction by giving better service in time, as claimed by Managing Director.

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable and affordable international courier services to our customers in Pakistan, to meet their business and personal needs.

Our Vision

Our customers are the most important asset of RRS COURIER, and we care about two things more than anything else: Customer Satisfaction and Trust. We believe the only reason that customers will work with us and stay with us is trust, either through their own experience or their friends' experience with WorldEx. Therefore, we strive to provide the best services beyond their expectation, which is the only way we expand our business to more happy customers.

Strategy Statement

We are constantly seeking new ways to optimize our services. It is a continuous challenge to provide our customers with a faster, better and cost-effective service. Rather than saying it with words, we would like you to experience that also we keep your promises! The best way is to book a shipment and we will prove to you that RRS COURIER can offer you an outstanding and reliable service. In short, we can describe our strategy for our clients in the following words: